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I'm about to be demoted

Posted on: October 22, 2010 5:51 pm
Someday soon my Superstar status is going to fall to Allstar level -- and it's not my fault. CBS Sportsline just isn't the user-friendly place it used to be. To get to this blog entry page I had to collapse the big ad on the home page, try to catch a floating ad for a survey and click on the "X" and not the body of it, and close two additional floating survey ads. They begin with "Your opinion counts..." If my opinion counted, they wouldn't exist.
The redesign looks nice on the surface but is a pain in my backside in practice. Gone is the neat box of my favorite teams where I could actually click and see what they'd be doing the next day, or what they did yesterday. Instead of cleaning up the clutter of the expanding ad that no one wants to see, it's even more pervasive. (For example, CBS dudes, I don't want a Coke delivery man drinking Pepsi to hang from a rope and dangle over what I'm trying to read.)
The slap-you-in-the-face ads coupled with the it's-harder-to-use-but-doesn't-it-look-cooler redesign are creating a trend. I used to visit CBS Sportsline several times a day because it offered quick access to things I would idly wonder. Sure, I still come here, but nowhere near as frequently. Which means that I'm getting less ad exposure.
This should alarm you. This should make you consider toning down some things and restoring some others.
But it doesn't. Why? Because our opinion doesn't really count when push comes to shove. What you say you want, you don't. What you say you're offering, you aren't.
A news and game site I use redesigned itself but still offers its users the option of a "classic" view. I'm pretty sure you could do that too. So as my fewer visits translate into lower rankings, remember something. That's your fault, not mine.
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